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Q: Do you have to see a Specialist to get 'Shorter-term' Orthodontics?

A: Any orthodontic provider can provide alternative orthodontic treatment which may offer shorter treatment times. If you prefer a general dentist (Dr. Michael Zuk) in Red Deer is licensed to use the High Speed Braces trademark and if you live closer to Calgary you could visit Dr. Dwayne Kowalchuk (general dentist).

The more complex the orthodontic condition, the higher the chance you will be referred to an orthodontic specialist. Only orthodontic specialists can use the term 'orthodontist' but sometimes general dentists use the term and in Alberta this is a violation.

Orthodontists are offering assorted choices that include shorter-term orthodontics for patients who desire this alternative to conventional treatment. Dr. Michael Zuk is a general dentist who makes orthodontic treatment time a priority but cannot guarantee a specific treatment estimate. While he was the first in Red Deer to focus his advertising on this style of treatment in 2005, there are now many dental professionals advertising different ways to reduce treatment time.

Red Deer general dentists refer to orthodontic specialists including Dr. Vick Cheba when conditions are outside their area of skills. 

Orthodontic specialists often advertise various ways they reduce treatment time. Some examples include:
  • Choice of brackets/wires
  • Certain procedures which may speed treatment
  • Limited treatment vs comprehensive/surgical
  • Devices that may reduce treatment time
The list of orthodontic specialists in Red Deer that may offer quick treatment includes:

1) Dr. 'Vick' Cheba - offers several types of braces and clear aligner - and several ways to speed orthodontic movement
2) Dr. Saleh Al-Daghreer -advertises 'Wilkodontics' with claims of moving teeth 4x faster (link attached mentions other ways that may reduce treatment time by 20-30%).
3) Dr. Ryan Edwards
4) Dr. Ivan Hucal 

5) Most orthodontists offer various 'quick' alternatives to traditional orthodontics.

Note: General Dentists are licensed to provide orthodontic treatment in Alberta and many offices provide treatment for their patients, referring to a specialist when necessary. On average the fees for the same treatment may be slightly lower at a general dentist's office but patients are encouraged to get at least two estimates for the service to compare. Specialists are typically able to provide more 'ideal' results based on the treatment standards they learn with extended training. One form of short term treatment is 'limited orthodontics' which uses a non-conventional standard based on improving some significant cosmetic concerns.

This article (shown above under #8 from the American Journal of Orthodontics August 2015) 
explains how many adults are more interested in limited orthodontic treatment that improves the appearance of the front teeth.

This article also discusses the problem with treating patients with TMJ problems (called TMD by dentists). It is usually best to have a troublesome jaw joint treated separately and prior to any orthodontic treatment. As recommended in the article, there are professionals that concentrate on this type of care. 

Information in Spanish about High Speed Braces(TM) 
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